Getting Down on Woman to Her Orgasm

EscortsGetting Down on Woman to Her Orgasm

You probably already know that the quickest method to cause a lady to orgasm is to go down on her. You may have also heard that men who learn this technique enjoy far more frequent and hotter sex. It’s among the easiest ways to make her as eager for sex as you are. The issue is that most men have no idea how to approach a lady and engage in oral sex. Sure, most males can use their tongues to discover a woman’s clitoris while stroking her g-spot with their fingers, and if you do it correctly, it can cause her to climax. However, this scratches the surface of the pleasure your mouth can provide.

Give her a sense of security and assurance

Whether it’s your first or 34th time, always make sure your partner is open up with you and in the right state of mind. If there is hesitancy, talking things out may work like magic. Even the most self-assured lady could start to doubt the sight of her vagina after seeing films with female porn stars who have undergone vaginal rejuvenation surgery and use makeup on their vulva. In other words, if you want your lady to experience the most intense and satisfying orgasms her body is capable of having, you need to give her mind and body the freedom and safety to let go and unleash that terrible part of her that’s just dying to come out. So be sure to tell her how beautiful her body is and how much her seductive perfume makes you want to be with her as much as you want those Miami Escorts To make your nights memorable. Say it as though it’s a simple matter without seeming startled or privileged.


Kiss her passionately

You have no concept how a kiss may affect a woman, and it progresses very sexily from a gentle, passionate kiss to eating her out. Kissing her on the lips will make you appear more empathetic, saturating her with the connection, fostering trust, and assisting her in relaxing. Then, following a few minutes of passionate kissing, lower your lips to her neck. Make sure she feels you by playing with your tongue between her lips and up to her neck; this will make her feel nice and reach out to your complex, thirsty dick to screw her even harder. You can Learn To have the best oral sex from professionals as Escort Classifieds offer a wide range.


You might believe all it takes to eat a girl out is common sense. Descend, thrust your tongue out, and observe her having fun. She could even force you to pause. More than you could imagine goes into eating a lady out. To get it perfect and make her desire you more than anything you’ve ever felt, it takes time, talent, and practice. Consider oral sex as a component of sex that is supposed to be enjoyed, like undressing a lady, fondling her breasts, or slipping down her underwear. Don’t think of oral sex as something you need to do to stimulate her.

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