Buttplugs: The Buying Guide

ButtplugsButtplugs: The Buying Guide

You won’t find a more versatile device in the world of sex toys than simple buttplugs. For such a small toy, they pack a powerful punch and are simple to operate, self-explanatory, and easy to clean. For all of us who enjoy dabbling in the perverse arts of anal play, these devices are truly game-changers. Here are the top things that every beginner needs to be aware of before purchasing anal plugs.

A Universal Ruler

The absolute best butt plug doesn’t exist. The person with whom you are most at ease will ultimately come to govern all others. This toy is so adaptable that it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Your preference and capacity will determine which one you choose. As an illustration, a tight, virgin butt won’t be able to handle a gigantic stainless steel vibrating butt plug the size of your fist. At least not initially.

Alternative: Purchasing a Butt Plug Set

You should think about purchasing an anal trainer set has to offer if you are pretty excited about anal play and are working your way toward fully opening your rear door to visitors. Because they contain a variety of plugs that gradually get bigger, butt plug sets make a great place to start for novices.

When you feel like you have mastered the prior one, start with the smallest one and work your way up. With each plug, you’ll be able to expand your level of openness and experience greater pleasure. You’ll be able to teach your ass to accept the monstrous plug we just stated if you do it that way.

Butt Plug Size

However, before forking out the cash for a plug, you should really consider whether you even want something up your butt. Step into the light from the darkness (or the other way around) and stick a lubricated finger up your butt to see whether you even like the sensation. If you like it, find your own ideal plug and use it.

You don’t want to misjudge size when it comes to butt plugs. If you go overboard, you risk hurting yourself or having a terrible experience that makes you avoid plugs for the rest of your life. And it would be a great shame since every now and again, butts ought to have a good plugging.

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